#1 Son

In Memory of Mom2-016

OK, this is where the scrapbooking gets tough.  

The stars of these pages are my Mom and my brother, Dustin. While these moments captured are all happy – knowing my Mom is gone brings such sadness.  I am grateful to have these photographs and even more so, her very own words preserved forever (in the journaling above).

In Memory of Mom2-017

Using My Digital Studio is not only fun – it has provided some great "therapy" if you will.  For months after my Mom passed away (many months), I was not able to even look at a photo of my Mom. 

Being able to scrapbook photos of her and more importantly, SHARE the finished product brings some closure.  What does scrapbooking do for you?  Provide stress relief … give you some "me time" …  I'd love to hear about your creative process.  Please leave me a comment below! 

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3 thoughts on “#1 Son

  1. Scrapbooking is a way of preserving and bringing back memories – good or not-so-good. I LOVE looking over all of my books years later. It brings those memories back so clearly! You are going to enjoy these for the rest of your life, Kris!

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